150 Startups is a multi-year Alberta-wide initiative designed to expand Alberta’s entrepreneurial capacity by having Alberta’s 26 colleges and universities collaborate so we all share ideas, develop resources, identify best practices and, annually, guide 150 post-secondary students to Ideate and take the initial steps towards becoming a first-time Entrepreneur.

These first-time Entrepreneurs then expand Alberta’s Entrepreneurial capacity by going on to become role models, advisors, mentors, and angel investors.

Aspiring first-time Entrepreneurs, who are a student taking at least 3 courses at one of Alberta’s post-secondary schools, are welcome to participate in the $10,000 Giveaway and register their business idea.

Registering your business idea allows you to instantly build an initial website and enter the $500 landing page challenge.

It also gives you instant access to all the resources that have been created for 150 Startups (without having to complete any additional forms), adds you to a growing directory of students startups, and allows the PR team at Alchemy Communications to look for opportunities to promote your business idea.


September to April

Alberta’s Colleges and Universities run their own on-campus activities to expose students to Entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Those interested in becoming an entrepreneur can enter the $10,000 Giveawayregister their business idea and start working on the 10 steps to turn their idea into a business. From January to March a series of on-campus presentations are broadcasted live and recorded for future use. At the end of April, each school selects who it thinks is their most promising first-time entrepreneur.

May & June:

Those chosen by their post-secondary institution as the most promising first-time entrepreneur participate in a summer skills development program. The skills development program starts with a Kick-off Weekend where students and aspiring entrepreneurs learn and apply the Lean Startup method and the Business Model Canvas. The summer skills development program then continues with Lean Startups Challenges and twice-a-week web meetings.

June to August:

Each school’s choice has the opportunity to compete for over $50,000 in cash. The cash is made available through in a series of Lean Startup Challenges, regional pitch-offs and a final provincial pitch-off.

September to August

It is the intent of the program that when the following fall semester begins each school’s choice then returns on campus as a part-time Student Entrepreneurship Ambassador to inspire the next batch of 150 first-time entrepreneurs and help those from prior years to continue developing their business.


150 Startups is spearheaded by Bow Valley College and is made possible by the generous support of:



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If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach the organizer of 150 StartUps (Craig Elias) by cell phone (North America: +1.866.744.7904 | International: +1.403.874.2998), email (Info@150StartUps.com), or completing the contact form below.

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