Each year 150 Startups creates almost 100 different free, equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem-building events.

These events are opportunities for aspiring, first-time and early-stage entrepreneurs who are students or recent alumni to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Get feedback on their idea
  • Build a network with like-minded people
  • Find mentors who can assist with the early stages of their startup or side-hustle.

Below are just a few of them.

The public events are all listed at lu.ma/150Startups/Events

MVP Mondays

Spearheaded by Craig EliasAdam Berk, Wendy Muise, Andrew Browne, and Martin L’Heureux, MVP Mondays are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Mountain time (GMT -7).

The format is a series of speakers, panels, MVP pitch sessions and successful examples of MVP development.

The series is designed to help aspiring, first-time, and early-stage technology entrepreneurs and product managers accelerate the development of a successful technology product offering by learning a repeatable data-driven process to validate their value proposition, pricing and product offering and seeing relevant examples they can see what an exceptional MVP looks like.

Learn more at https://150startups.com/events/mvp-mondays/

Register at https://lu.ma/MVP-Mondays

Tech Sales Tuesdays

Spearheaded by Katherine ShiermanJeff VioloLyndsay Barch, Craig Elias and Ilana Shulman, Tech Sales Tuesdays are typically held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Mountain time (GMT -7).

The series is designed to help Alberta’s emerging tech firms get free sales help while showing aspiring, first-time, and early-stage entrepreneurs and salespeople how to accelerate the development of a healthy sales funnel by learning a repeatable data-driven process to validate their value proposition, pricing and product offering while seeing relevant examples so they can learn what an exceptional sales methodology for world-class technology firms looks like.

The format is a series of speakers, panels, sales methodology pitch sessions, ask me anythings and successful examples of sales methodology development.

Learn more at: https://150startups.com/events/tech-sales-tuesdays/

Register at: https://lu.ma/TechSalesTuesdays

Techathon Thursdays

Join us for any or all of the twice a month sessions to be introduced to Alberta’s growing tech scene and to start learning the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS the fastest growing in-demand tech skill according to recent research into high tech industries in high tech cities like Austin, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Waterloo.

Each session will provide hands-on training on a component of AWS and help participants team up to take on their choice of challenges.

Learn more at https://150startups.com/events/techathon-thursdays/

Register at https://lu.ma/Techathon-Thursdays

Founder Fridays

Typically held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, Founder Fridays are free virtual events that are based on the success of a fireside chat, in November 2020, with Ian Hathaway (Techstars founder Brad Feld’s co-author on their latest book) that had 300+ participants and gave away 100 copies of The Startup Community Way to attendees from across the Alberta.

Founder Fridays are designed to support Alberta’s entrepreneurs, mentors, ecosystem builders and service providers by:

  • Upskilling entrepreneurs, mentors, ecosystem builders and service providers across the province
  • Growing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship support in and around Alberta’s post-secondary institutions
  • Increasing the volume of startups and the velocity at which they progress through the Startup Commons stages
  • Helping startups grow faster and developing the expertise and traction required to attract capital from angel investors and Venture Capitalists.
  • Working with existing entrepreneurship support organizations across Alberta to expand and upskill their mentor network

Learn more at https://150startups.com/events/founder-fridays/

Register at https://lu.ma/FounderFridays

Kick-Off Weekend

The kick-off weekend is where contestants (eligible students* who are first-time entrepreneurs**) chosen to represent their school in the 150 Startups $25,000 Pitch Competition kick off their participation in the $50,000 Lean Startup Challenges.

During the kick-off weekend, contestants will team up with other aspiring entrepreneurs and other students to further validate their business idea.

We start on Friday evening by sharing the top 10 mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make.

Then Saturday morning, we help aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and early-stage companies avoid those mistakes so they can take their idea to the next level.

Participants then spend Saturday afternoon validating a business idea

We finish on Sunday morning with presentations from each team and a session titled the 10 steps to getting funded.

Learn more at https://150startups.com/kickoff-weekend/

Registration opens early April 2022

Innovation Rodeo

The Innovation Rodeo is made for problem solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs, change-makers, investors and ecosystem builders!

Each day is designed to solve the most common problems encountered when creating, starting, growing and exiting a company.

Each year has a theme, and the theme for the 2022 Innovation Rodeo is Crossing the Chasm.

Learn more at https://innovationrodeo.com/, which will show you last year’s schedule and speakers.

Registration starts in June 2022