We are actively searching for, and developing, research, curriculum, and policies that help more college, university and polytechnic students to become first-time entrepreneurs shortly after graduation.

Below is a research poster being presented at the 2019 Enactus World Championships in San Jose and the recording of a presentation, given at the 2019 Enaction Canadian Nationals, that shares details on the research that went into “The Economic Impact of Youth Entrepreneurship” and the economic potential of postponing interest and payments on student loans for those who become entrepreneurs shortly after graduating from a college or university.

At the bottom of this page is a form to request the slides from the presentation, slides on additional insights that came from the research, and links to the research that shaped it.

Below is the recording from a 15 minute presenation on the potential impact of youth entreprenuership by postponing interest and payment on student loans of those who become entreprenuers shortly after graduating.

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  • The research that shows how an increase of one standard deviation in student debt reduced small business formation by 14%
  • The 25-year research, involving over 140 colleges and universities, that demonstrates how removing student debt increased the number of startups by 367%, increases the number of startups receiving VC funding by 400% and increases the amount of VC funding received by 190%
  • The slides from our Research Presentation on the economic impact of youth entrepreneurship on jobs, taxes, and GDP, along with the calculations on the outcome of becoming an entrepreneur at 23 vs. 44 (the national average of first-time entrepreneurs in North America) delivered at the Enactus Nationals in Vancouver.

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