Complete the form below to confirm your participation in the Summer 2021 cohort of the 16-day, two-hours-a-day, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship program run by Draper University and request 150 Startups pay the $500 registration fee.

Last summer we offered the alumni of all prior years the opportunity to participate in the virtual two-hours-a-day for 16-days program at no charge.

19 alumni of the 150 Startups program took us up on the offer and seven made it to the sweet 16 and got to pitch to early-stage investors.

Of those seven, two made it into the top 5 and won a $12,000 US scholarship to Draper University’s five-week in-person Entrepreneurship bootcamp that is billed as Silicon Valley’s Top Entrepreneurship Program.

One of them is in Silicon Valley right now taking that program.

* Means Mandatory

The deadline to participate has passed and the form is now closed.