Competitor Confirmation

Complete the form below if you were chosen by your institution to participate in this year’s Lean Startup Challenges and/or compete in this year’s 150 Pitch Competition.

Because those chosen to participate in the $50,000 Startup Challenges challenges or compete in the $25,000 Pitch Competition take spots that prevent other students from being able to benefit, ALL students involved in the Lean Startup challenges and/or the pitch competition are required to confirm their involvement by reading the conditions below and completing the form below if they agree to the conditions below.

By completing the form below you agree to:

  • Provide honest and candid feedback to program coordinators
  • Email being used as the primary form of communication for the program
  • Your confirmation being shared with our main contact at your post-secondary school
  • You being responsible for emails sent to the email address provided in the form below
  • Join and monitor the Slack channels established for those continuing on with 150 Startups
  • Group emails that display your email address when we email the participants of this year’s program
  • Be available as a role model and/or a program ambassador for future participants of the 150 Startups
  • Complete the eligibility requirements for the first two Lean Startup Challenges – the $750 Challenge  and the $1,500 Challenge
  • Have your 5-minute pitch(es) judged according to the scoring rubric created to identify the most promising first-time entrepreneur
  • If participating in the pitch competition, compete in the preliminary pitch competitions held during the first four days of the Innovation Rodeo
  • If you win a preliminary pitch competition, compete in the pitch competition finals held on the final day of the Innovation Rodeo

*  Means Mandatory

The deadline to participate has passed and the form is now closed.