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Scale Your Everest is the guidebook for those entrepreneurs that want to build up their mental resilience and a way for those who love and support entrepreneurs to experience a glimpse of what they’re going through. 

This book will help entrepreneurs:

  • Be aware of Delusions of Grandeur and recognize the existence of the Death Zone of Imposter Syndrome that follows as they scale their venture;
  • Develop the ability to discern where they are in the entrepreneurial journey and learn to separate their identity from their business;
  • Understand the fact that the Death Zone is universal and the defining part of the entrepreneur’s journey;
  • Identify the effects of the Death Zone. Entrepreneurs are often operating in a weakened state, coping with symptoms like addiction, sleeplessness, eating disorders, and broken relationships that impact their decision-making;
  • Manage those effects by practicing self-forgiveness, understanding the art of stillness, and making an effort to be truly present in the journey;
  • Help others – team members, peers, loved ones – build their own mental resilience as they share in the journey.

The obstacle really is the way. Understand how to harness the journey to get the most out of it and transform your life.

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