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You can’t get stuck if you’re always moving.

It’s not unusual to hit a wall in your business. It is unusual to hit that wall running and break through. In Unstuckable, global tech executive, strategic adviser, and sought-after speaker Heather Kernahan pours her two decades of leading start-ups, scale-ups, and tech empires into her game-changing UNSTUCK model.

Whether you’ve felt stuck for a while or all of a sudden, Unstuckable shows you how to harness the inspiration, creativity, and energy that’s just under the surface. Informed by the mindset strategies of the world’s most brilliant leaders, the UNSTUCK model empowers you to move skillfully through uncertainty to accessible solutions and sustainable success. Packed with quick tips, memorable tools, and innovative exercises for you and your team, Unstuckable will teach you to keep your eyes on your long-term vision and goals, while taking intentional steps forward.

Unstuckable meets you where you are but challenges you to challenge yourself. Kernahan will tell you: it’s always the right time to think and act big and to keep going. In Unstuckable, you’ll develop the mindset to see roadblocks as raging rivers you can raft to assert yourself as a leader who boldly navigates the unknown with unstuckable excitement.

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