June 6th @ Bow Valley College

  1. For Students: Student Startup Success
  2. For Teachers & Parents: Helping Students Successfully Build an Entrepreneurial Career Path


Student Startup Success

Are you a high school or junior high student who wants to start their own business one day?

Then join us for this free Student Startup Symposium.

Created specifically for high school students and junior high school students, the free Students Startup Symposium is a great place to:

  • Learn new business skills from international speakers
  • Meet local resources available to aspiring and first-time entrepreneurs
  • Be inspired by student entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses and pick your favourite

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Helping Students Successfully Build an Entrepreneurial Career Path

A special event for teachers, counsellors, career advisers and other educators supporting entrepreneurially minded students as well as parents of students who are interested in Entrepreneurship as a potential career.

In his session, Ron Eldson will highlight why, when, and how creating an inspiring and practical non-traditional, entrepreneurial career path can be appealing to today’s students.

Join us to learn:

  • Why people are drawn to nontraditional, entrepreneurial career paths
  • The benefits and challenges
  • Strategic factors to consider
  • Practical steps to a path forward

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