Sales (SDR) Training and Internship Opportunities

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Participants in the 2021 Alberta Enterprise Corporations Deal Flow Study said, “developing, acquiring and retaining teams remains a challenge, particularly in the case of sales (39%)” 

To help solve that problem, 150 Startups is piloting three 13-week cohorts of a sales playbook development program so startups and scale-ups could build and document repeatable, scalable and transferable sales processes.

Participants in our first cohort (Sept. to Dec. 2021) expressed a desire to work with new and aspiring sales development reps to build out their company’s sales playbook.

So we are now piloting casual (unpaid) internships that help aspiring and new salespeople learn how to create and use sales playbooks while getting exposure to potential employers within Alberta’s, Saskatchewan’s and Manitoba’s startup community and tech ecosystem.

The goal is to document interns’ impact so we can apply for funding that turns the casual unpaid internships into paid internships and upon completion of the paid internship have us pay for the entire 12-week Uvaro sales training program when the paid interns are hired within 90 days of participating in the program Sales Playbook Development Program.

Successful internship candidates learn from experts, coaches and authors like Joseph FungColleen StewartScott SambucciKatherine ShiermanGeorge Urquhart, Lyndsay Barch, Shane GibsonPam DidnerDrew Williams 📓Graham D. CollinsCory BrayHilmon SoreyGeoffrey MooreApril Dunford and Kristen Hadeed.

Successful internship candidates participate in the Tuesday lunch sessions held each week and are paired with one of the companies in the cohort to help that company develop their sales playbook. See the 13-week schedule at

The time commitment for successful interns is 3-5 hours a week on top of the time participating in the weekly Tuesday lunchtime sessions.

Companies interested in participating for free (a $2,000 value) in the third sales playbook development program cohort can apply at Successful companies can have up to four people participate in the Tuesday lunch sessions.