WESTEM – Women Entrepreneurs-in-STEM

A number of books have been set aside for Founder Friday participants supported by WE STEM.

If you are supported by the WE STEM program, complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a free copy of the author’s book.

If you are still on this page after submitting your information there was an error in your submission.

We encourage you to return for the roundtable session, where participants will break into groups and discuss how content from the fireside chat and the book can be applied to Alberta’s startups and scaleups.

To continue the building of cross-province and cross-sector relationships in Alberta, please consider saying yes to the two questions below that give us permission to:

  • Add you to an upcoming mentor page for Alberta’s startups and scaleups
  • Share your email address and cell phone number with a fellow participant from Alberta who also requests a copy of the author’s book
Can we add you to an upcoming mentor page for Alberta startups and scaleups.*
Those who give us permission will have a mentor profile added to a publicly available list of startup mentors that can be filtered by location, training, expertise and industry.
Can we share your email address and cell phone number with ONE other Albertan who requests a copy of the book?*
To create cross-province/cross-sector connections of like-minded people in Alberta we want to connect you with one other person to share projects/challenges and resources.
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To ensure the books are delivered to your home PLEASE use capitals in street names, city, and in your postal code AND include a space between in your postal code. E.g. 124 Main Street, Calgary, Alberta A1B 2C3
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