The vast majority of technology startups and scaleups struggle due to a lack of sales which is caused by a lack of lead generation.

We believe can easily be improved by implementing an internship program for what are called Lead Development Reps (LDR) and having Venture for Canada pay 50 to 70% of their salary.

Using simple and inexpensive tools like Google voice, email trackers, Zoom, and a basic CRM platform, these positions are designed to generate leads for the founder(s) to follow up on.

This idea is designed for those startup companies who have not found product/market fit yet but can easily be applied to scale up companies who have it.

This idea includes initial and ongoing training along with regular peer mentoring sessions for those in the LDR roles as well as training for those founders who would become first-time sales leaders.

If these LDRs prove to be successful they could be promoted to Sales Development Reps (SDR) – who would now move a sales opportunity further along before involving the founder –  and a new LDR could be hired to work below them.

If the SDR and the LDR prove to be successful the SDR coiuld be promoted to Business Development Rep (BDR) – to develop opportunities even further before involving the founder – the LDR could be promoted to SDR and another new LDR will be hired.

The basic assumption is that with additional revenue startups are more likely to hire more people and attract investment.

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