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Why Are We Doing This?

We believe it is important to build an equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem that is more robust by increasing the number of 1-5 person companies shown in the Tech in Calgary company listing shown in the graphic below.

To build a resilient startup community and tech sector, the 1-5 employee group should be at least 3X the size of the next group down (5-50 employees), but you will notice that today we are only at 18% of our goal for 1-5 person companies compared to 63% for the 5-50 employee companies.

We believe we can fix this by helping more people find relatable and relevant mentors, so they are more likely to become first-time entrepreneurs and more likely to be successful when they do.

This can be accomplished by helping more aspiring, first-time, early-stage and student entrepreneurs find relatable and relevant mentors that can help them to:

      • Overcome imposter syndrome
      • Validate the problem(s) they solve
      • Test the riskiest assumptions about their business
      • Find mentors just like them, so they feel like they belong

The intent is to help these entrepreneurs find and talk to several mentors for 20-30 minutes so they get multiple perspectives.

If you are a mentee looking for a long-term mentor who assists you past the first few stages of starting a company, consider other mentors, such as those found on the Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) website or the member listing on the A100 website.