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Bamboo dumplings

Sell authentic Chinese food

Accommodation and food servicesBow Valley College
Home In A Bag

Home In A Bag is a portable sleeping bag/tent built into a camping backpack disgined to be an outdoor shelter for people facing natural disaster or going on a weekend camping trip.

ManufacturingBow Valley College
Prime Living Technologies LTD.

Prime living technologies is a dynamic new company. Our main focus is the development of water conservation technology. But in order to survive and thrive as a company we also work on manufacturing and prototype development. Our company is currently building an autonomous 3d printing farm using open source technology. With this manufacturing process we will can print parts for our water conservation devices as well as other high margin products. The revenue generated from these products and services will go to furthering our research into green technology.

AGRALINKS ; Agriculture Support Services Marketplace

AGRALINKS provides innovative agribusinesses with a safe, simple, and speedy solution to their inefficient supports.

Information TechnologyUniversity of Lethbridge

When a typical 'thrifter' goes shopping they are ready to endure smelly shops filled with multitudes of different items all of which need to be assed heavily when buying. Randomness of whats available often means visiting multiple thrift stores to attain desired items. Especially when it comes to home decor, where things can either be completely outdated, damaged or cheap. Introduce Relic. Relic collects second-hand home decor from various places such as thrift stores, buy&sells & auctions to create a curated selection of high-quality, statement pieces such as vases, plates and mugs. This curated collection is aimed at millennial professionals who enjoy specialty decor that is environmental, edgy, and incredibly easy to shop. These shoppers still enjoy the character associated with antiques without having to experience the negative side effects of 'thrifting'. Relic will generate income by buying large quantities of second-hand decor and then selling it at an up-marked price to cover involved costs plus profit.

Wholesale and retail tradeMount Royal University
Pegasus Imagery Ltd

We are an Unmanned Aerials Systems (UAS) company delivering intelligence and data solutions to the Emergency Management sectors within Canada. We use high capability sensors mounted on long range, long endurance drones to capture detailed information which we deliver to clients in real time through two distinct services. The first is providing HD footage both with both daylight and infrared cameras and includes additional features like motion detection, where we can detect and identify people up to 2km away and vehicles up to 8km. The second service is a providing a high volume of georeferenced mapping data, collected and shared in real-time from which clients can inject into their existing GIS or planning processes. In short, we deliver actionable information in real time to the people who need it most and help clients with response planning through GIS-ready data

Other services (except public administration)NAIT
Jn-CardsAccommodation and food servicesConcordia University of Edmonton
NeedlyHealth care and social assistanceUniversity of Lethbridge
Jacob teacherAccommodation and food servicesAthabasca University
North Border Apparel

We are a Canadian printed clothing company who started in 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. We started selling locally within the stretches of YYC, however, we have spread outwards into the east coast and even the U.S. We created the company in 2016 to provide unique, inexpensive clothing from a small local business. We showcase our Canadian pride through our outdoor themed designs and by sporting the best that the Canadian wilderness has to offer.

Wholesale and retail tradeAmbrose University
Rustic Rose

Expanding from handmade, western jewelry to handpressed western apparel.

Wholesale and retail tradeMedicine Hat College
Once Upon A StoryEducational servicesBow Valley College
 Company or Idea Name Company or Idea Description Industry Which College/University are you a student of?